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The bicycle has a unique power: turning a long monotonous trip into a sum of splendid discoveries. It opens your eyes up to new horizons. It makes you happy.

During these trips, Overade protects you. So you won't have to choose any longer between liberty and safety, we have designed a foldable helmet.

And you? Finally, you can take advantage of the city. Without the inconveniences.
Who are we?
Happiness is not about doing what you want, but about always wanting what you do.
An impassioned engineer, Philippe first worked in the automobile industry. But his interest in soft travel naturally led him to the universe of the bicycle. Then the brilliant idea of a flexible helmet came to him. After long nights of work and collaborating with the designer Patrick Jouffret, the Plixi became a reality.
After studying in a business school, Clément began his professional career in gift boxes. He travelled a great deal, but being an entrepreneur at heart, he was missing something for him to really develop. This was in the Plixi, the flexible helmet whose immense potential he saw instantly. Everything worked out perfectly. He loves cycling!